Sachin Patil


Free software developer & Emacser



Developer, FOSS enthusiast, & avid GNU Emacs user.


I try not to be biased with any programming language or technology. I work on GNU/Linux and Free & Open Source Software for living. If you are passionate about GNU and Free Software like me, I encourage you to watch this YouTube video by Benjamin Mako Hill.

My work-space



My current system is Lenovo G505s with AMD A8 Quad-core processor and 8 Gigs of RAM running Slackware 14.1(I always prefer latest kernel. I usually work on this system.

My other system includes Acer emachines eM350 netbook running Manjaro Linux an independently developed Arch Linux. I’ve Awesome window manager on it. I use it as a hotspot using hotspotd. I also have an old desktop with AMD Athlon with 2 Gigs of RAM running Slackware again!. The system’s storage is shared via NFS across my home network, basically this is my NFS server.

Apart from this I had a very old Intel Pentium II Machine with 350MHz processor and 64MB of RAM running Vector Linux. I wonder how this machine still runs?

Most of my home network and Internet connection is managed by D-LINK DIR-615E wireless router flashed with custom OpenWRT(barrier-breaker). This is my backup(and tiny) Linux system with minimal shell and opkg package manager.


For work, I have Lenovo Thinkpad T440p running Fedora. I work on Red Hat Insights. To know more about Red Hat Insights watch this introductory YouTube video.

Tools I use


GNU Emacs and a terminal are the least I need.

I prefer to use latest Emacs version. My Emacs is heavily configured for all my needs from programming(Python, Django, C, elisp, Ruby, shell etc.), blogs & note taking(org-mode), eshell, tramp, magit etc. Recently I fell in love with M-x emacs-timemachine. Terminal is occasionally needed to keep some front-end jobs running.

Git is something I can’t live without. I use Git to keep track of my personal notes, blogs, and all the projects. magit is a savior. It helps me a lot to learn insights of Git.

I prefer Gnus over mutt to manage mails.


I find programming in elisp relaxing when I’m bored with Python and friends. Though not much but I do write helper functions and share it on



For raw/old posts please visit blog-posts. Most of them are written in org-mode. I now use jekyll to publish my blogs(Source here). Jekyll uses markdown which I don’t like much. I miss org-mode to post blogs. This website is entirely published using org-mode.


All my presentation slides are pushed to With few exceptions(Online):


Other web portals


  • IRC: psachin@{RedHat, freenode, OFTC, GIMPNet}
  • Email


You won’t find me on Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook & Linkedin.