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ManageIQ - Attach disk to RHV VM using button
Published on Mar 04, 2017 by Sachin.

Post describes a way to attach additional disk to RHV VM using button.


Just to get my hands dirty on ManageIQ’s Automate model, I started working on a way to attach additional disk to VM running on Red Hat Virtualization. Although it can be easily done by “Reconfigure this VM”, I wanted a way to do this via Automate. I did found two ways to do this, one described in Mastering Automation in CloudForms & ManageIQ and other here. Both uses ReST APIs to achieve the task but then I came across this Pull Request which made the job quite easy.


I have created a domain – AutomateMIQ which has a custom method – add_disk. It is called by instance hot_add_disk. add_disk has everything you need to attach new disk to VM including notifications and email.

Automate datastore

Figure 1: Automate datastore

Now datastores can be managed by git as seen below. Enter git repository URL with valid credentials and click submit button.

Use Automate git to manage datastore

Figure 2: Use Automate git to manage datastore

Service dialog

One also needs to create a service dialog which prompts for disk size and disk provisioning type. These fields are then imported by add_disk. The disk is then attached based on user defined parameters. I have imported Add disk service dialog in form of yaml for reference.

Service dialog prompts for disk size and provisioning type

Figure 3: Service dialog prompts for disk size and provisioning type


Finally we need a button to call instance hot_add_disk. A button calls request type “AddDisk” from /System/Process/ as seen below. Please find button in form of yaml here.

Create button to add disk

Figure 4: Create button to add disk

A button will be visible under ’Actions’ dropdown on VM’s summary page as below.

Add disk button on VM's summary page

Figure 5: Add disk button on VM’s summary page


Once the disk is attached, user will be notified.


Figure 6: Notification

Finally, an additional disk will be attached to VM.

Newly attached disk

Figure 7: Newly attached disk

Note that the feature work on euwe release of ManageIQ. If not already done, please upgrade ManageIQ version following below steps.

1: ssh root@<ManageIQ Appliance>
2: vmdb
3: git fetch --all
4: git checkout euwe-2
5: git checkout -b euwe-2
6: bundle install  # or bin/install
7: bundle exec rake evm:compile_assets
8: bundle exec rake evm:restart