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Boot2Gecko build
Published on Mar 27, 2014 by Sachin.

For impatient Geeksphone(Keon) users who want to try the latest version of Boot2Gecko (Firefox-OS), I have compiled an pre-release image.

GP lock screen

Figure 1: Lock screen

Its a pre-release version, but works perfectly fine. It is tested on Geeksphone(Keon v1, model: qcom).

Backup existing ROM

  • Make sure you have more than 50% battery left.
  • Before you flash, make sure to backup an existing ROM.
  • Power off the phone.
  • Reboot the phone into recovery by pressing Vol Up and Power keys simultaneously.
  • Go to backup and restore option(Use Vol UP/DOWN key to toggle, and Home soft key to select an option)

Recovery menu

Figure 2: Recovery menu

  • Now inside ’Backup and Restore’ menu, select backup (first item in the menu)

Backup and Restore menu

Figure 3: Backup and Restore menu

  • This will create a backup of an existing ROM in external SD-card. You also have an option to backup to internal SD-card.

Install (Using GNU/Linux system)

  • Download zip and checksum files
  • Verify the checksum using following command:

    md5sum -c image-

Verify checksome

Figure 4: Verify checksome

  • Extract the zip file using:

    unzip image-
  • Visit the directory image- using:

    cd image-
  • Plug the device using USB data cable
  • Make sure that ’Remote debugging’ is enabled from

    Settings > Device information > More information > Developer > Remote debugging

  • Flash the image using:

    bash ./flash.sh

Flash build image using a script

Figure 5: Flash build image using a script


Home screen

Figure 6: Home screen

Lock screen

Figure 7: Lock screen

Device information

Figure 8: Device information


Note: Some images are captured using Android SDK ’monitor’ tool